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Water Treatment

Water treatment: avoiding idle times.

Lasting corrosion protection with water purification equipment

Lasting corrosion protection.
Constant cooling power.
Relevant water savings.

Make-up water and circulation water: Their condition is of critical importance. Both have an effect on the good working order and service life of any recooling system. If the impact of water treatment is neglected, the water quality will deteriorate. The consequences of this gradual process will be calcification or furring on the heat exchangers or corrosion damage as well as biological growth.

Water Treatment: Problem biofouling

Problem: biofouling

Open systems that are cooled with water are often infested with microbiological contamination or deposits. Contaminated pipes or heat exchangers will reduce the cooling power and clog the system.

Cooling water thus contaminated by germs will get into the environment via the cooling tower circuit (fan). Inhaling such contaminated air (such as in the format of Legionella bacteria) will pose a serious health hazard for human beings.

Safety, preservation of value, process optimization: The required equipment will be selected and combined based on the analysis of the make-up water.

Water treatment plants reduce water hardness and salinity

Here, the portfolio of IKS includes:

  • Feedwater softening plant > to reduce the water hardness,
  • Osmosis plant > to reduce the salt content,
  • Conductivity-controlled desalination plant > to maintain a maximum salt loading in the system,
  • Feed and metering station for hardness stabilization and corrosion protection > in proportion to the feed quantity or via concentration measurements,
  • Feed and metering station for biocides > time-controlled feeding and metering will avoid or reduce respectively biological contamination or infestation, and
  • pH value control and additional feeding and metering > to guarantee the best pH value.

IKS will consider your cooling system in its entirety. Water analyses to check your equipment and supply and delivery of the chemicals required for this purpose will supplement the services provided by IKS. Just ask us for details, solutions or References.

Source: https://ik-schneeberg.com/Water_Treatment

phone: +49(0)3772 39503 0 | E-Mail: info@ik-schneeberg.de
phone: +49(0)3772 39503 0 | E-Mail: info@ik-schneeberg.de
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