IKS Industriekühlung Schneeberg GmbH
Andreas Land
Prof.-Dr.-Konrad-Zuse-Straße 22a
08289 Schneeberg

phone: +49(0)3772 39503 0
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Our quality mark: precision work.

Industriekühlung Schneeberg GmbH (IKS) are a Saxon medium-sized business. It has continuously grown ever since its establishment, and today IKS is among the market leaders of its sector in Germany. Whenever solutions for process cooling are in great demand, we would be called upon on a global level. Our principals are active in key sectors of the economy. IKS has been living up to high levels of versatility, customized requirements and technological advance and progress since 2006.

Accordingly, we have positioned ourselves in a focused manner. Special-purpose cooling systems for the cooling of tools or products and systems for the filtration, conditioning or treatment of cooling water complement our scope of services.

IKS is domiciled in the mining town of Schneeberg / Germany.
This is where we are rooted and where we strengthen the economic region of the Erzgebirge - Ore Mountains.

IKS - Industriekühlung Schneeberg GmbH

Source: https://ik-schneeberg.com/Our_quality_mark%3A_precision_work.

phone: +49(0)3772 39503 0 | E-Mail: info@ik-schneeberg.de
phone: +49(0)3772 39503 0 | E-Mail: info@ik-schneeberg.de
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