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Open or closed-loop?

Cooling towers from IKS - Efficient cooling. Economic operation.

Which recooling unit will finally be installed will be a function of the specific operational and local requirements. IKS will select the appropriate cooling tower based on your specific specifications and requirements.

Here, major criteria include:

  • Open cooling tower > the medium will be cooled through direct contact with air.
Mounting of a cooling tower to the substructure
  • Closed-loop cooling tower > the medium to be cooled will be carried in a closed-loop piping system. Cooling will occur via a separate spraying circuit.
    Benefit: no ingress of dirt from outside.
    Important: Antifreeze fluid must be added. There will be an increased floor space requirement. Higher cost of acquisition.
  • Axial or radial ventilation > suction or forced draught design.
    Important: will be a function of the installation floor space, acoustic requirements, external pressing.
  • Material > galvanized steel, GRP, stainless steel.
    Important: will be a function of the quality of the medium, of local conditions and applicable quality requirements.
Open or closed-loop

Good to know: IKS views itself as a specialist in the field of industrial recooling. We think in terms of industrial management, plan and project in a well-thought-out manner and with foresight. We will be happy to advise you in matters of water treatment. You are welcome to make use of our experience – talk to us or write us.

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phone: +49(0)3772 39503 0 | E-Mail: info@ik-schneeberg.de
phone: +49(0)3772 39503 0 | E-Mail: info@ik-schneeberg.de
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